Our Story

Linda and Brook are the mother daughter duo that created Archer and Aphrodite. Linda, mom and Archer; spent her entire health care career in the traditional western medical model. Brook, daughter and Aphrodite; has a passion for alternative healing therapies and is currently immersed in training with a mentor on the North Shore of Oahu. Archer and Aphrodite was born when Brook suggested that a daily yoga and meditation practice might alleviate the chronic pain and sleep deprivation that years of running inflicted on Linda. Fortunately, mom took her daughter's advise and adopted a daily practice. Linda is now living pain free!

What We Believe

We believe that the use of traditional and non-traditional healing therapies are not mutually exclusive.

We believe the debilitating effects of pain and sleep deprivation can be diminished.

We believe that a daily practice will help you gain control, feel empowered and decrease anxiety.