Foods That Fight Pain

In the kitchen with Dr. Kaz

Not only is Dr. Kaz a naturopathic physician and registered dietician; she is also a good cook.  In this blog post, Dr. Kaz shares some tips on how to incorporate inflammation reducing ingredients into your diet.   The spices we are going to focus on are ginger and turmeric.  These are very versatile spices that are oftentimes overlooked in our cooking.  The science behind these two spices are the compounds curcumin and gingerol which reduce inflammation in the body.  Ginger brings a little heat to your dishes.  It can be purchased ground or whole.  It has a peppery taste that is bright. Cumin is a savory spice that has a nutty and smoky taste.   

Buying Tip

When purchasing pre-ground spices look for bright colors.  Buy smaller quantities so they are always fresh.  If you buy fresh ginger look for smooth pinkish grey skin.

Convenience Tip

Invest in an attractive spice rack that complements your kitchen décor.  Having the spices visible and on hand will ensure they make it into your dishes.

Cooking Tips for Turmeric

This is easy.  I use turmeric on everything! I add a ½ teaspoon to full teaspoon to omelets, vegetables, soups, stews, and ground turkey dishes.  On cold mornings, I add it to steel cut oats with a dab of butter for a savory and filling breakfast.

Cooking Tips for Ginger

There are multiple ways that you can use this herb. I usually have ground ginger, whole ginger and frozen ginger on hand. Drinking ginger tea after dinner can help with digestion. I often add frozen ginger to soups and stews.   Peel a piece of fresh ginger and cut it into coins to add to your drinking water.

Cooking Combination Tip

Ginger and turmeric work well together.  I like to sprinkle ginger and turmeric on wild caught salmon.  I simply pan sauté the fish and serve it drizzled with a tiny bit of low sodium soy sauce or balsamic vinegar.

Lifestyle Tip

Enjoying the simple activities of daily living improves the overall quality and satisfaction of life.  Remember, the best meal is always one that is shared with family and friends.  I hope you enjoyed these tips and check back for the next time we are in the kitchen with Dr. Kaz.